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This island covers an area of almost 1200 hectares and is situated southeast of the Caspian Sea. It is engulfed by the Caspian Sea in the north; the Gulf of Gorgan in the south; a narrow strip (which links the Gulf of Gorgan and the Caspian Sea) in the east, and a canal from the west. The climate of this Island is similar to the climate of northern Iran. The Island maintains mild winters and warm and humid summers.

This Island has been a trade hub in the past. Given the sensitive position of this Island, it was a venue for the colonial rivalries of the Tsarist Russia and Britain. In the year 1836, this Island was occupied by Russians. But, this Island was handed over to Iran following the fall of Tsars in Russia and conclusion of an alliance treaty between Iran and Russia in the year 1921.

Historically, this Island is of paramount importance and has played a decisive role in the history of Iran and the region. Currently, this Island is a tourist attraction site in northern Iran.

The Island is an appropriate habitat for different animal species and a top tourist destination.

This Island is currently a fishing center in northern Iran, and is considered as one of the important units for production of caviar, which is one of Iran's exports. Moreover, there are ships commuting to and fro this island.

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