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Deer park of Kish island

PostPosted: Tue Mar 10, 2015 11:38 am
by Parvaneh
With an area of two hectares, this park is at the end of Ferdowsi St and has 17 enclosures for keeping various kinds of animals. Lions, deer, foxes, jackals, monkeys, gazelles, and various kinds of birds are kept in this park. Unlike other animals that are kept in cages, deer live freely at the park. The park also has a children's playground.

Mir Mohana recreational beach park Of Kish island

PostPosted: Tue Mar 10, 2015 11:41 am
by Parvaneh
Mir Mohana Recreational Pier measures 130 metres in length and nine metres in width, with an area surface of 1578 square metres, and is situated in the north of the island, in the Mir Mohana leisure beach park. It has been built with steel pilings and a concrete deck in 2006. Along the pier, there are four staircases for boarding cruise boats, and four areas for watching the sea, with beautiful lighting. By walking on this pier, the Khatam ol-Anbia mosque on the beach, the fishing pier and the southern mountain chains of Iran can be seen. Tourists and islanders may fish on the pier and around it at permitted times, but swimming is forbidden .

Grand Recreational Pier of Kish island

PostPosted: Tue Mar 10, 2015 11:43 am
by Parvaneh
Kish Grand Recreational Pier was built with steel piling and wooden decks with four side-deck spaces by Iranian experts. This pier is 437 meters long, 18 meters wide and 10 thousand square meters in area. Its construction did not damage the marine habitat. Tourists can enjoy the natural sights from this pier while watching the colorful fish species of Kish coral beaches. The first phase of Kish Grand Recreational Pier was constructed within a short period of 20 months and inaugurated on the 27th of July 2006.


Marjan beach park Of Kish island

PostPosted: Tue Mar 10, 2015 11:49 am
by Parvaneh
This park connects the popular Marjan Shopping Mall to the beach. The beautiful arbours and landscaping in the beach park make it an attractive place for visitors

Re: Kish island

PostPosted: Mon Apr 27, 2015 12:18 pm
by Parvaneh
Kish is an oval-shaped Island, which covers 91 square kilometers and is situated in central and northern regions of the Persian Gulf. This island is almost 15 kilometers in length across the east-west axis, and is nearly 8 kilometers in width across north-south axis. The highest altitude in this Island is 45 meters above the sea level. It is also located 20 kilometers from Iran's southern coastal belt. Kish is one of the most important Iranian islands in the Persian Gulf, playing a crucial and vital role in Iran's global trade.

This Island, throughout the course of history, has maintained significant importance due to its shipping lines and pearl-hunting. The climate of this Island, due to its proximity to Persian Gulf waters, maintains high humidity. The average temperature in this Island never falls below 18 degrees centigrade, rising the best opportunity for tourists, who love sunny and warm regions. Half of the year, Kish Island maintains a warm and humid climate, while the weather is cool and pleasant in this Island in the other half of the year.

Kish Island is home to many coral reefs. This Island has been inhabited as of 2nd Millennium BC, the remains of which remain to this day. Kish enjoys a rich culture and was also a regional trade hub in ancient times. The Island has been mentioned under different names as of three thousand years ago throughout geographical and historical books.

The Venetian traveler, Marco Polo, in his travelogue points out he was astounded by seeing the pearl necklaces of the wives of Chinese emperor, while later finding out that these pearls were netted at Kish lsland.

The renowned Iranian poet, Sa'adi, also spoke of Kish Island in 7th Century AH in his valuable book "Golestan". His remarks manifest the grandeur and commercial importance of this Island in ancient times.

Ancient books also refer to glorious palaces, beautiful orchards, and unique methods of water distribution in this beautiful Island, which was home to countless businessmen.

Given the regional capacities, executive potential, and popular support, Kish Island is Iran's first commercial and industrial hub and tourist attraction site. According to the Island's comprehensive project, 55% of the land of this Island is allocated to tourism; 10-15% to industry, and 15-20% to trade.

Due to its particular geographical significance and its location en route to commercial corridors and international transportation system, Kish Island enjoys appropriate means for commercial activities, and such capacities have made the service sector in this Island dynamic. These features have turned the Kish Island into one of the main tourist destinations.

Hence, Kish Island had the highest per capita income within the framework of Iran's tourism industry throughout the First Development Plan. This showed that concurrent with maintenance of social and cultural values of Islamic Iran, the tourist attraction sites in our country can highly contribute to the national hard currency revenues and can play a decisive role in the economic development of Islamic Iran.

The beautiful coastal belt, pristine waters of the Persian Gulf, coral reefs, colorful fishes, and the attractive nature of Kish Island influence every single viewer. The northeastern coastal belt of this Island is wide and plain. In this Island, one can be witness to turbulent and at times calm waters. Overall, Kish Island is one of the rare regions of the world, in which the manifestations of scenic nature can be observed.

One of the scenic regions of Kish Island, which draws the attention of enthusiasts of historical monuments, is the ancient city of Harireh, which is situated in the northern corner of the Island and belongs to 8th Century AH. The historical works of this ancient city makes the viewer familiar with the culture and civilization of the residents of this Island, in ancient times.

The ancient city of Harireh was raided 800 years ago. Ruins of commercial centers, homes of wealthy tradesmen and residents of this city remain to this day. The tourists, who visited Harireh at the time, saw a city with seven-storey palaces and magnificent orchards.

The ruins of this city are a reminder of the grandeur and economic prosperity of Kish Island. With due regard to the construction materials, and architectural style of buildings in this city, these historical monuments may belong to waning years of the Sassanid era and early days of the Islamic era. In the vicinity of the coastlines, the wharf's historical monuments have remained intact. Currently, the reconstruction of this wharf is possible because it has preserved its ancient format and structure. However, due to intense physical and chemical erosion, the limestone used in construction of the wharf has been extensively wiped out.

Throughout the historical region of Kish Island, several ceramic dishes belonging to 4th to 7th Centuries AH have been unearthed. The most common of these ceramic dishes are dark or bright green in color. The paintings of dragons, fish, and decorative flowers have been drawn on these dishes. In addition to these ceramic dishes, a scenic landscape with highly attractive arbors, under the name of "Derakht-e Sabz" has been developed which brings about peace of mind for the visitors.
One of the other historical monuments of Kish Island is the building of Sheikh Aale Ali (The former ruler of the Island) besides the coastal waters. This important building has a traditional architectural style. Apparently this building dates back to the Qajarid era.

The locals of Kish Island converse in Farsi and Arabic languages. The overwhelming majority of the residents of Kish Island are Muslims. They are devout, hardworking, hospitable, and kind people.

Kish Island is one of the most beautiful islands of the world which covers an area of over 90 square kilometers. The marine route, linking the Island of Kish to the southern Iran port of Bandar Abbas stretches to 300 kilometers. Kish maintains a unique and beautiful nature. The sandy beaches and pristine waters of the Persian Gulf make it possible for us to see different types of aquatics in the depths of the Persian Gulf.

The ever-green floras of Island create a unique and eye-catching scene, especially for seven months of the year, turning this Island into a top destination for eco-tourists.

The Kish Island has one of the lengthiest coastlines in the world.

The beautiful fish species of the Persian Gulf waters are considered as one of the tourist attractions of this scenic island. The coastlines of Kish Island are among the safest in the world and the sharks, which are seen at times close to this Island’s coastlines, only eat small fish and pose no threat to swimmers.

Among the attractions of the Island of Kish, the underground “Kariz” City is of paramount importance. This is home to one of the most ancient and largest underground water ducts of Kish Island, which dates back to more than 2,500 years ago; and had previously provided the drinking water of the residents of the Island. The city of Kariz is situated 16 meters below the surface and the height of its ceiling is eight meters. The ceiling is covered with sand pebbles and sea shells, which according to experts date back to 270 million to 570 million years ago. The soil of this underground city maintains remedial effects. Hence, experts believe that this underground city can be enlisted among the global works. Currently, stalls displaying Iranian and global handicrafts, traditional and modern restaurants, an amphitheater, a museum, a conference hall, and art galleries are present in this underground city.

One of the attractions of Kish Island is the remains of a large cargo ship which has run aground on the coastlines of Kish Island and is popularly known as the Greek Ship. This freighter weighs 7061 tons, and has a 136-meter length. It ran aground the southern coastlines of Kish Island in the year 1966, in its voyage toward Greece. This ship has drawn the attention of tourists, who take several snapshots of it.

The other tourist attraction of Kish Island is the “Jaadeye Jahaan”, which is a road surrounding Kish Island. Throughout this road, 25 plots of land have been allocated for the display of works of art and productions of different provinces of Iran. This road is a symbol of the bond established between the culture of Iran and the global cultures. This road has provided access to the intact nature of this Island in its southern and western regions.

Meanwhile, the eco-tourists can observe the beautiful coastlines, floras, and wildlife of this Island alongside this road.

Kish Island maintains unique local floras. “Baaghou” is an ancient oasis, which is situated southwest of Kish Island. Currently this oasis is home to a few families, who are engaged in farming. The fertility of the land of this oasis is known for the locals of this Island. There is a forested region in this oasis. On the southeastern corner of Kish Island, another forested region exists. The majority of trees of this forest have been planted in the year 1992.

The exhibition of reptiles is another site which draws the attention of a large number of tourists. More than 100 types of reptiles are on display in this exhibition. The piton snakes of Africa and Amazon forests; the iguanas of Madagascar, black scorpions of Africa, and large spiders of Brazil are examples of reptiles, which are on public display for the visitors.

Kish Island is the cradle of peace and comfort. Sport lovers and eco-tourists can spend a highly pleasant time in this pretty island. In Kish Island you can see the sunrise and freshen up by swimming in the pristine waters of the Persian Gulf.

This Island is also home to healthy recreational facilities, which even satisfy the taste of all hard choosers. Water skiing, jet skiing, scuba diving, rowing, fishing, parachuting, horse riding, cycling, marksmanship, running, and traveling to the depths of Persian Gulf waters with a submarine are available to all those, who visit this Island.

Kish Island maintains a moderate climate in winter and spring, while its pearl production center is one of this Island’s tourist attractions. The park of nature of this Island, which is home to pretty deer species, and the main aquarium of the Island which displays a large number of aquatics, etch the memory of this Island in the minds of travelers.

Flying over the Kish Island, the warm waters of Persian Gulf and its scenic nature with helicopters undoubtedly brings about sweet memories.

Tourists can select their places of residence in Kish Island in line with their financial capability. Hotels, guest houses, and villas have been constructed across the coastlines, with the restaurants offering a wide variety of dishes for their customers. Upon the sunset, a cool breeze is sensed in the Island.

One of the other attractions of Kish Island is its commercial and shopping centers, which are highly popular among tourists. Among the souvenirs that tourists purchase in Kish Island is paintings made of the natural sea shells of the Persian Gulf.

Overall, it can be said that Kish Island is a blend of rich Islamic-Iranian culture, and every newcomer to this Island is warmly welcomed by the hospitable locals.