Nain City-Shahr e Naiin-Naein-Nayeen-Naaeen

Nain City-Shahr e Naiin-Naein-Nayeen-Naaeen

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Introduction:Nain City - Shahr e Naiin-Naein-Nayeen (Persian: نایین‎ )

Naaeen is a small city, which glitters like a valuable and precious gem in Iran, next o the desert. Its history dates back to several thousand years ago. It has an extraordinary and beautiful landscape and is home to cultured, friendly, hospitable, and generous people.

This ancient city maintains a new and also an ancient fiber. The new districts of this city are similar to those of other cities. But, its old fiber is highly important and valuable in regard to its architecture and tourist attraction sites. The buildings of this city are made of sun-dried mud bricks with domes. This city maintains seven districts and each district is home to a Husseiniyeh for performance of religious rituals. There are water storages in each district, some of which are still in use. Although today the old fiber of this city has gone through major changes and developments, what remains is one of the most original traditional fibers among Iran’s ancient cities.

The most ancient historical monument in this city is a castle, popularly known as “Naarenj Q’alleh” or “Naarin Q’alleh”, and is made of sun-dried mud bricks. The archeologists believe that the construction of this building dates back to third century BC to third century AD. The basement of this castle has been destroyed, but, a 26-meter tower remains from this castle. Nonetheless, this castle is one of the unique tourist attraction sites of this city which highly attracts the attention of all visitors.

One of the relics of this city’s old fiber is the ancient Ja’ameh Mosque of Naaeen. In this mosque, magnificent plasterworks, woodworks and a podium are evident, which have been built delicately. The “Ja’ameh Mosque” is also popularly known as “Alavian Mosque” and has been enlisted among Iran’s national monuments. The original atmosphere of the traditional homes, including corridors, main hall, and balconies, prove the residents of this city have been art-lovers as of ancient times.

Carpet weaving is very common in the city of Naaeen. Based on conducted studies, 90% of homes have rug looms, and carpet-weaving in this city is mainly done by women. This important industry initially maintained an artistic aspect but has currently turned commercial and carpet and rugs are one of the important export items of this city.


Location: Nain, Isfahan province

Days of trip: (Without air plane) 2 Days from Tehran to Tehran (Without heavy traffic you need About 6 hr driving from Tehran to Nain)
Attention: In holidays there is heavy traffic in all roads around Tehran.

Best time to visit: No limit, but spring is b best time.

Daily time visit: No Limit

Difficulty level: Easy

Requirements: (Depend on your plan) Guide or GPS track...

Legal permission need: No


Overall risk: -

Animal risk: No

Lost risk: No

Rescue: You can call 115

GSM Mobile Antenna: Yes


Hotel: Yes

Shop: Yes

Gasoline: Yes

Village: Located in Nain city


How to get there:
1- Go to Baihaghi or south terminal of buses in Tehran (more info), Also you can use train.
2- Take a bus ticket to Nain(Distance between Tehran and Nain is 455 Km)

Nearest airport: Isfahan airport

Nearest train station: Nain station


Location on map:

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