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Introduction: Bastam (Persian: بسطام‎)

Bastam is six kilometers from Shahroud in Semnan province. It includes a historical complex that comprises 17 monuments.

Mausoleums of Imamazadeh Mohammad and Bayazid Bastami, Bayazid Bastami Monastery, Oljaito Vault, Aal-e Kart Mausoleum, Ghazan-Khaneh Dome, Ilkhani Mosque, Shahrokhieh Bathhouse and School, Bastam Tower, Bastam Tekieh and Baba Abolqasem Water Reservoir are located inside the historical complex.

The town was visited by Nasser Khosrow Qobadiani, the great Iranian poet of the 12th century.

Documents related to the Bastam complex is undergoing procedures for registration on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

Close to 150 million rials have been spent for setting up the site’s perimeter and 5,000 square meters have been acquired from surrounding areas.

Hamidreza Hassani, the head of Shahroud Cultural Heritage Department, has given details about aspects of Bastam’s Ancient Complex.

Jame’ Mosque

Bastam’s Jame’ Mosque pertains to the Ilkhanid Era. It comprises western and eastern prayer halls (covered parts of the complex).

The western area has been annexed to the eastern one. It has an altar decorated with plasterwork.

Kashaneh Tower

Kashaneh Tower is one of the other monuments of Bastam Ancient Complex, which pertains to the Ghazan Khan Era (about 700 years ago).

It has a height of 20 meters and the mausoleum of the son of Ghazan Khan is located at its base.

The tower’s inscriptions have been studied by a German historian.

Shahrokhieh Theological School

Shahrokhieh Theological School dates back to the Teymurid Era. It is the educational place for scholars of religious sciences.

With a central yard, the school has 28 chambers on two stories.

Ghazan Khan Dome

Most of the monuments in Bastam’s complex have been built by two Mongolian rulers, namely Ghazan Khan and his brother King Mohammad Khodabandeh. They later converted to Islam.

Shahroud Cultural Heritage Department has turned Ghazan Khan Dome into Erfan-e Sharq (Eastern Gnosticism) Museum.

All items and relics in the museum deal with gnoticism. About 300 million rials have been spent on the construction of the museum.

Bayazid Bastami Monastery

It has three small chambers with pulpits.

Plasterworks used in the monastery, conducted by Damghani brothers, date back to 700 years.

Aryan Sign in Oljaitu Vault

There is an area in which the mausoleums of Bayazid and Imamzadeh Mohammad are located.

Bayazid Bastami, the great poet and gnostic, was the first Iranian mystic to study philosophy of the wisdom of intuition.

The main entrance leading to the area passes through Oljaitu passageway and portico, which were constructed upon the order of King Mohammad Khodabandeh.

All the walls of the portico have been decorated with enameled potteries and moqarnas (an architectural ornamentation resembling stalactites applied to domes and the undersides of arches and vaults).


Shahroud is the largest city of Semnan province. In 2006, prehistoric relics were discovered in Shahroud, including ovens, craft workshops and other evidence of settlements.

Shahroud was a village before the reign of Fathali Shah of Qajar dynasty, with two old castles and a small farm named Shabdari.

The most interesting historical sites of Shahroud are Faroumad Mosque and the Byar Castle ruins.

Faroumad Mosque is located in a village by the same name 165 km to the northeast of Shahroud. The original construction of this magnificent historical monument dates back to 13th century CE.

At present, nothing but the ruins and demolished columns and prayer hall of this structure remain. The reason for the building of such a mosque in this village was that Faroumad and the surrounding villages had developed into a major center of political activity during the Sarbedaran Movement during the later Ilkhanid period.

The Byar Castle ruins in the southeastern area of Bastam are near the desert edge of Byarjomand. This castle has an old mosque and a wall with three gates.

Bastam is of great interest to visitors interested in history and archeology.

(Source: Iran Daily)


Location: Shahrood City, in Semnan Province

Walking path length: Depend on your plan

Days of trip:2 Days from Tehran an to Tehran (Without heavy traffic you need about 5-7 hr driving from Tehran to Bastam )
Attention: In holidays there is heavy traffic in all roads around Tehran.

Best time to visit: No Limit

Daily time visit: Depend on your plan

Difficulty level: Depend on your plan

Requirements: Guide or GPS track...

Legal permission need: No


Overall risk: -

Animal risk: No

Lost risk: No

Rescue: Yes, you can call 115

GSM Mobile Antenna: Depend on your plan


Hotel: In Shahrood Yes

Village: Located in the Bastam

Shop: Yes

Gasoline: In Shahrood Yes


How to get there:
1- Go to Baihaghi or south terminal of buses in Tehran (more info)
2- Take a bus to Shahrood.Distance from Tehran to Shahrood is 404 Km.
3- Take a taxi to Bastam .Distance from Shahrood to Bastam is 20 Km.

Nearest airport: Shahrood airport

Nearest train station: Shahrood station


Location on map:

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