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A Glance at Traditional Zurkhaneh Sport

Postby Parvaneh » Wed Jan 14, 2015 11:30 am

Food temper and generous character have been important in Iranian national culture. In this spon, Morsheds play dl1.l111S, sing Fcrdowsi' s poems, and praise Emam Ali (PBUH). This national, religious and traditional sport has its own traditions, customs and Icnninology like Varzesh-e Bustani, Zurkhaneh, God-e Zurkhaneh, Morshed, Pahlevan, Noeheb, Nokhastch, Pishkesvat, and it needs some devices like Mil. Takhtch Shena, Kabbadch, Sang, Long, Shalvar-c Koshti. Bazuband. This traditional sport in !-Iamcdan Province dates back to some centuries ago and so many Pahlevans nourished there like Filch Hamedani, All Mirza Hamedani, Ahmad Kuhkesh.

Seyyed Ahmad Bathaii, Ezalolah Gudarzi (Pahlevan Ali Asghar Gudarzi's rather), Pahlevan Fathali. Pahlevan Seyyed Mirza Agha Sajadi. Pnhlevan Haj Mehdi Baktashi, Scyycd HoiJat Tuyscrkani, and etc.
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