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Spring cleaning-Khaneh Tekani-Khane tekani-Norooz khaneh tekaani

PostPosted: Mon Dec 29, 2014 5:35 am
by Parvaneh
Name: Spring cleaning-Khaneh Tekani-Khane tekani(Persian: خانه تکانی نوروز‎)

Description: Welcoming the New Year traditionally begins with several applications including cleaning . Traditional cleaning practices with others in the final days of the new year , spring is modeled

Year in which all are willing to live with more energy and motivation to continue . Cleaning , the first feature of the approaching New Year , and other days in the year that you should clean up the demons with physical, mental demons also came out .

More cleaning washing and cleaning of household items such as carpets and clothes and buy new tools and repair equipment are concerned . The family tried to clean house is a collective activity , and once a year they celebrate the New Year as an excuse to get together and clean up the toys at home .

Cleaning operation is an important factor in the history of this tradition is kept in place and prevent it from fading has .

Cleaning is also rooted in our beliefs . Islam has always emphasized on cleanliness and hygiene and fresh colors and changing lives is of particular interest .

Allah is beautiful and loves beauty . Prophets and the Prophet of Islam inviting people to have Cleanliness and this is a principle of all divine teachings.