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Qalamkār Sāzī

PostPosted: Tue Apr 08, 2014 9:45 am
by Parvaneh
Name of Persian Handicraft :Qalamkār Sāzī(Persian:قلمکار سازی )

Description: ‘Qalamkār Sāzī’, which is a type of dying the cloths, is one of the most ancient crafts in Iran. In ‘Qalamkār Sāzī’ the foundation cloth is usually calico or loincloth, but silk cloth are also used .In the dying process, at first the foundation cloth is colored milky white. Next the cloth is washed and dried, and then the designs or patterns are transformed to the cloth with a wooden signet; the signet is put on a cushion soaked in dye and subsequently is struck on the cloth. The hitting spot is very important and needs the artisan’s skill and precision, since the design might be composed of five different colors; the employed colors are customarily back, red, green, blue and yellow. Finally the cloth is heated so as to stabilize the dyed colors and patterns and then is washed again. The chief centers of this handicraft are Esfehān and Dāmghān.

Availability: in most of regions in Iran particularly Isfahan, Shiraz