Metal-Working-Felez Kari

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Metal-Working-Felez Kari

Postby Parvaneh » Sun Jan 12, 2014 10:51 am

Name of Persian Handicraft : Metal-Working-Felez Kari (Persian: فلز کاری )

Description: Different types of metals are used in various types of handicrafts produced in Iran , The most usual of these items are made out of copper which are commonly used in Iranian kitchens. The chief centers of the art of metal working are Isfahan , Shiraz , Kashan, Yazd and Kerman . Kitchen copper articles include: pots, pans, pails, large spoons, trays in very larger, medium and several sizes. The second category of copper items consists of picture frames, jewelry boxes, water-pipe pots, and copper statues of various animals, which have special artistic value. Special care is taken in printing different protruded images on the surface of these items. In some of these copper works, the art of netting is also used. In addition to copper metal-working artists use bronze and silver for the production of precious articles.

Various types of trays, bowls, jugs and other decorative articles are made from silver and bronze, and beautiful drawings are painted on them. Cups and silver statues of birds, a variety of trays, and cup holders made in Isfahan are well known in the world.


Availability: in most of regions in Iran particularly Isfahan , Shiraz , Kashan, Yazd and Kerman.




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