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Name of Persian Handicraft : Giveh (Persian: گیوه)

Iranian Giveh is a unique traditional form of summer footwear which attracts millions of tourists, drawn to its remarkable craftsmanship.

Giveh, pronounced /gi:ve/ in the Persian language, has been made for centuries in many parts of Iran, some of the most famous from the western province of Kermanshah.

Giveh has two parts: the sole and the upper. The upper is made of strong tightly woven cotton, sewn tight to a leather or rubber sole.

The sole is made from very durable material, by men, while the upper is made by rural women who weave it with rudimentary tools.

When made for women, silk is used instead of cotton in the upper and it is usually embroidered with beautiful designs.

Since in ancient times the sole was made of a kind of wild-bull leather, and the upper from wool or cotton thread, Giveh was mostly used by the rich.

Horamani Giveh-makers in Kermanshah province, craft the sole from old rags pressed firmly together and sewn with catgut.

As a unique kind of soft, comfortable, durable and hand-woven-top shoe which is used in dry weather, without any need to socks, Giveh serves as a popular souvenir for tourists.

Other types of traditional Iranian footwear include the hand-woven Galesh and the Charogh made from delicate leather and colored, thin threads, sometimes of silk.


Availability: in most of regions in Iran.





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