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Ecotourism in Iran

Postby Shahram » Sat Aug 10, 2013 3:49 pm

Tourism to exotic or threatened ecosystems to observe wildlife or to help preserve nature is eco tourism.
The natural environment of Iran, with more than 2,800 kilometers of coastline and water borders as well as the high mountains of Alborz and Zagross, supplies high recreational and eco tourism potentials. The shores of the Caspian Sea in the north and the coasts of the Persian Gulf and Sea of Oman in the south are suitable places as recreational resort in summer and winter. The islands of the Persian Gulf, Kish, Qeshm, and Hormoz with suitable shores and beaches as well as pleasant sunshine may be used for vacations even in winters. There are daily and regular flights to this region from several parts of the country as well as suitable accommodation facilities. Moreover, these islands are easily accessible through waterways by different types of ships and boats as well as by airplane.
The mountains and mountain slopes in Iran, along with economic value for nomads for grazing of their sheep, serves as summer residence of urban dwellers as well as suitable places for winter and mountain sports.
Because of its beautiful natural setting, a lively and interesting environment we can offer our nature loving tourists a no of magnificent and outstanding tours which are unique and can be organized in a wide range of different itineraries to cover the beauty of the whole country at very competitive prices.
We can offer you, visits to a number of Natural Parks & Protected Region such as, Golestan, Kavir,Lar, Khosh Yellagh, Bakhtegan and Bamoo. Bakhtegan lake is a place that must be seen by tourists especially in winter when the migrated flamingoes and birds from Russia accommodate themselves in here.
A visit to Margoon Waterfall, Anzali Lagoon (West Caspian coast) Miankaleh Lagoon (East Caspian coast), Qeshm island Mangrove forest in Persian Gulf will fulfill your tour of Iran.
Eco tourism in Iran divided into different categories like enjoying wildlife, photography from nature, camping, mountain climbing, hiking, desert trekking, camel ridding in heart of Iranian deserts, walking in forest, observing stars and some other fields.
- Observing wildlife
wildlife tour in Iran comprising watching Asian Zebra in Touran national park or Caracal which is a rare and beautiful cat, visiting yellow deer in Urmia national park or various others wildlife tour all over the country.
- Sightseeing flora and fauna
looking Chelcheraq lily in Roodbar in middle of June, and upside down tulip in Shahre-e Kord, enjoying Hirknai jungle in Gorgan and Anzali, and corn popy in Lar Plain in Tehran are small angle of Iran unique flora and fauna.
- photography from nature
photography from Kaloot in desert, the world hottest desert, colorful autumn, summer, photography from coast of Persian Gulf in Qeshm and Hara Man groove as well as denseness forest of Gilan province is amusement experience for photographer.
- Walking in foothill
autumn and spring are the best season for walking in foothill of Ahar , Reineyeh and Fasham in Tehran province, Shahrestanak in Karaj is proper for this purpose in all season of year.
- Mountain climbing
Abnik, Verjin and Bandish in Tehran province and Alvand in Hamadan are good for mountain climbing.
- Marine Tourism
visiting coral coast in Persian Gulf, voyage with ship among ports, observing dolphin in Kish and turtle in Qeshm.
- Walking in nature
Kondar in perimeter if Varish, Asalem in Khalkhal are the best spot for walking in spring, Tarem in Zanjan in spring, as well as Qasr-e Bahram in Varamin are proper for walking in Iranian nature.
- Discovery in nature
it is possible to hold such tours in all part of the country, Khajir national park, Sorkheh Hesar in Tehran, Golestan forest are among spots for getting in touch with nature.
- Camel ridding in desert
Mesr desert in perimeter of Semnan, Halvan village in Tabas, Naein, and Maranjab are best for camel ridding in Iranian deserts.
- Desert trekking
Qasre- Bahram caravansary in Maranjab in autumn, spring and winter, Shahdad desert near Kerman in winter are good for desert trekking.
- Walking in forest
Zanjan to Masouleh , Shahroud to Sari, Alamout to Kelardasht are among the best routes for 4-day tour in heart of Iranian jungle.
- Bird Watching
At present there are 10 National Parks & 41 Protected Region in Iran. The total area encompassed by these protected areas is approximately 7.9 million hectares (about 19.75 million acres) about 4.8% of the total land area of the country.
Iran has some of the best bird shooting in the world, Ever been to Iran or ever wondered how it could be possible to take a trip to Iran for bird watching, artistic photography of bird species or research trips.
You've found the right place! Note that here on birdsofiran.com this is just a service we provide as fund raising to help finance the conservation efforts for protecting the endangered species of birds of Iran as a private entity. Please contact an on/offline travel agent, and/or the nearest Iranian travel agency, if you can't find the desired information starting from our tour and travel guide. We are only interested in adventure trips, bird photography and research trips related to wildlife & birds of Iran. But I will reply to "interesting" requests not to mention we've have made some wonderful friends this way.
- Observing Stars
It is also possible to enjoy stars in Iranian sky both for armature and professional, there are different number of spots all over the country that are best for observing stars, depending on season and some other factors.
- Camping in Iran
There are different numbers of camping sites in Iran in various zones, desert, mountain, etc.
- Nomad's Tour
There are currently 1.2 million nomadic Pastoralists in Iran, Organized in over 500 Tribes and independent clans. They share with each other three essential Characteristics:
they migrate regularly between Summering and wintering quarters (usually from cooler mountain pastures to warmer plains) in order to take Advantage of seasonal grazing resources.
They are traditional herders of sheep, goats, camels and other livelihood.
They have tribe structures often based on kinship clan and other types of communal organization.
Cattle - raising & Tribal structure of the society are both attributed to migratory way of life, yet these are not the only characteristics. The only factors distinguishing them from sedentary communities are the seasonal migrations & lack of specific village settlement. Unfortunately we don't have sufficient information regarding the nomadic tribes in Iran before Islam. In the Islamic era, Iranian tribes consisted of Kurds, Lurs, baluchis, Arabs, Turks & the barahuis. This style of living gained importance in Seljuk period (11th- 14th century). Migratory Iranian tribes mainly live along the Zagros mountain range and in West & East Azarbaijan in the western part of Iran as well as in Kermanshahan, Khuzistan, Luristan, Ilam and chahar - Mahal -o- Bakhtiyari, Kohkiluyeh and Boyer - Ahmad, Fars, Khorassan, Sistan & Baluchistan, Semnan & the central region of Iran.
The hierarchy of division in tribes in Iran , for example among Qashqaies are as follows: Tribes are usually divided into a few clans. Clans in turn consist of a few sects which are further divided into "Bonkus" consisting of a few families called "Obeys''.
Handicrafts, well - known in the world have an important role in the economy of the tribal family. Meat & dairy products constitute their main economic activites. Tribes often define their group & clans in terms of tents. "Tent" denotes the word.

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Re: Ecotourism in Iran

Postby Vincent » Mon Aug 12, 2013 7:16 am

it is really interesting how different kind of activities are available in Iran. I am interested in ecotourism ;)
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Re: Ecotourism in Iran

Postby Barbara J. Stephens » Mon Apr 07, 2014 8:16 am

Yes i am also interested in it because its activities are different than other type of traveling .I ,m a tourist by profession and explore 8 countries yet and continuing but in my career i never travel an Eco tour but its very informative tour for everyone.So i want to have an Eco tour in my vacations this year.Its a great happiness for me.
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Re: Ecotourism in Iran

Postby daren » Mon Aug 25, 2014 5:37 am

Iran is one of the five countries is the world with hight biodiversity. Iran has many natural attractions like forests, beaches, salt lakes, mountains, glaciers, coastal areas. Most famous ecotourism activities in Iran are hiking,diving, watching birds at coastlands.
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