Vanayi Village

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Vanayi Village

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Introduction: Vanayi Village (in Persian: روستای ونایی)

Vanayi is a developed village of Boroujerd in Lorestan province. The village is located in a canyon between the two high mountains of Bar-Aftab and Garin, and has a mountainous weather.

It is cold and snowy in winters and enjoys a moderate cool weather in summers. South of Vanayi village, there is a small plain with a flourishing agriculture due to its abundant water resources, IRIB reported.
Many springs such as Sarab-Sefid, Do-Rozaneh, Tutia, Sarab-Panbeh originate in the mountainous region and are the main source of drinking water for residents of Boroujerd.
The surrounding areas of Vanayi Village provide an ideal habitat for the native animal species and are considered a hunting ground.
Animals such as boar, wolf, fox, rabbit, rat and hyena, as well as birds like heron, partridge and rooster form the fauna of Vanayi region.The rich flora of Vanayi Village, especially during spring and summer, has always attracted the attention of tourists and travelers.
Medicinal plants such as pennyroyal, chamomile, milk-vetch and wild carnation abound in the region.

Agricultural Production
The springs of the region join to form Seymareh River, which water the plains of Lorestan province and flow into Dez River in Khuzestan.
Seymareh River plays an effective role in developing the region’s agriculture.
Green beans and cucumbers produced in this region are of high quality, such that there are tens of small factories producing cucumber pickles.
These factories send their products to various parts of the country and also export them.
Thanks to the weather conditions of Vanayi Village, its dairy products are also of high quality compared with those of other areas. Its dairy products are sold in the local as well as neighboring markets.
Vanayi is the base for mountaineers who intend to climb the high peaks of Zagros Mountain Range.
There are 10 high mountains and mountain peaks in the region like Hejdah-Yaal, Se-Kuzaan, Vaalaash, Berenjeh and Higareh.
The green and intact nature of Vanayi Village is an attractive area and well known as a natural tourist attraction.
Other Beautiful Villages of Lorestan
Bisheh Village is 75 km from the city of Khorramabad. It is cold and dry in winter and has fine weather in spring and summer.
The village used to be a summer resort of tribes and has changed into a village since past 100 years.
Surrounded by Azganeh Mountain on the north and Chahak Mountain on the west, the village is located in a valley in a mountainous area with an altitude of about 1,200 meters above sea-level.
Villagers produce various handicrafts, including rugs, carpets, jajim and baskets, woven from the branches of a species of almond tree.
Sezar River, which flows on the eastern side, is among the most important natural attractions of this village.
Areas surrounding this river are covered with wild plants, flowers and tall trees. Therefore, it provides a suitable ambience for tourists and travelers in spring and summer.
Bisheh Waterfall
Besides these natural scenes, Bisheh Waterfall is considered one of the best recreational sites of the village.
With an altitude of 50 meters and a width of 20 meters, it is one of the beautiful waterfalls of this region.
It is located near the train station of the village, 35 km from the city of Doroud, and on the rail route connecting Tehran to southern parts of the country.
The freshwater of this waterfall gushes forth from the mountain and flows into Sezar River.
Groves in the vicinity of Bisheh Waterfall are full of trees. The mellifluous sound of flowing water enthralls every passerby.
However, valuable historical monuments such as castles, bridges, stone inscriptions and residential caves dating back to prehistoric times can be found in the surrounding areas.
In addition to all these, hard-working, contented clans lead simple lives. Their black tents, farms and herds have added to the attractiveness of the region, such that Lorestan has become an ideal destination for the lovers of nature.

Source: Iran Daily


Location: Vanayi Village,Boroujerd city, Lorestan province

Days of trip: (Without air plane) 2-3 Days from Tehran to Tehran (Without heavy traffic you need About 6-8 hr driving from Tehran to Vanayi Village)
Attention: In holidays there is heavy traffic in all roads around Tehran.

Best time to visit: May to October

Daily time visit: No permission at night

Difficulty level: Easy

Requirements: (Depend on your plan) Guide or GPS track...

Legal permission need: No


Overall risk: -

Animal risk: No

Lost risk: No

Rescue: Yes, you can call 115.

GSM Mobile Antenna: in some region Yes


Hotel: in Boroujerd city Yes

Shop: Yes

Gasoline: in Boroujerd city Yes

Village: Located in Vanayi Village


How to get there:
1- Go to Baihaghi terminal of buses in Tehran (more info)
2- Take a bus ticket to Boroujerd city.(Distance from Tehran City to Boroujerd city is 393 Km)
3- Take a taxi to Vanayi Village.(Distance from Boroujerd city City to Vanayi Village is 20 Km)

Nearest airport: Khoram Abad airport

Nearest train station: Doroud Station


Location on map:



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