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Vafs Village

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Introduction: Vafs Village (Persian: روستای وفس )

Vafs Village in Komijan, Markazi province, is a tourist attraction.
Inhabited during the Medean rule, the village has preserved the Tati dialect, which is one of the oldest Iranian dialects dating back to 3,000 years, IRNA wrote.

Currently, Tati dialect is spoken only in the provinces of Markazi, Hamedan and Qazvin.
Tati dialect is widely used in the villages of Vafs, Chehregan and Farak.
Studies on dialects such as those spoken in Vafs Village are of high importance in terms of anthropology and linguistics.

Natural Attractions
The green mountainsides surrounding Vafs have a sedimentary and calcareous texture.
Fossils found in Vafs Mountains indicate that a shallow lake used to exist there in olden times, which dried up gradually.
Vafs has a unique nature with good potential for ecotourism.
Mountaineering and caving can boost sports tourism in light of the existence of Qalanjeh Mountain with a height of 2,745 meters at the southern end of the village and low-lying regions with heights of less than 1,550 meters.
Calcareous and dolomite structures in Vafs region can be seen in Qaleh Jouq Cave.

Religious Potentials
Vafs boasts of strong religious potentials. It has 16 mosques, including Jame’ Mosque. There are shrines of Imamzadeh Hussein, Imamzadeh Esmaeil and Imamzadeh Yahya.
Haji Rezvan Pilgrimage Site attracts many visitors from Arak, Tehran, Qom, Komijan and nearby villages.
Ta’zieh performance and mourning ceremonies are held annually in Vafs in the lunar months of Muharram and Safar to mark the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussein (AS) and his companions who were killed by the army of the tyrant king Yazid in Karbala, Iraq, for not giving their oath of allegiance.

Handicrafts and Tourism Infrastructures
Giveh is a special handicraft woven by many locals of Vafs during the summers and winters.
Glove weaving, basketwork, felt making and Jajim (two-sided carpet) weaving are other handicrafts of Vafs.
Caretaker of Markazi Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Department said local games, traditional customs and religious rituals have turned Vafs into a target village and an exemplary tourism site.
Mohsen Rahmati added that the national registration of Vafs historical texture will help promote tourism infrastructures there.
Over 13 billion rials are required for preparing infrastructures such as accommodation sites, car parks, wood arbors and green areas.
Vafs village, spread over 20 km, is at a height of 2,100 meters from the sea-level.
It is linked to Saveh in the north, Komijan in the south, Hamedan in the west and Tafresh in the east.

Other Attractions of Markazi Province
Markazi province is located almost in the center of Iran. It is bound to the provinces of Tehran and Qazvin in the north, Hamedan in the west, Lorestan and Isfahan in the south and Qom in the east.
Arak is the central city of this province, which includes Ashtian, Delijan, Khomein, Komijan, Mahallat, Saveh, Shazand (Sarband), Tafresh and Zarandiyeh.
One part of the province is in Iran’s central plateau and another is to the east of the intersection of Alborz and Zagros mountain ranges.
Therefore, the province enjoys climatic diverse. In mountainous areas, precipitation is often in the form of snow and in low-lying areas, it often rains.

Anjedan Village
Anjedan is one of the enchanting villages of Markazi province. The village is very attractive due to its natural beauties, magnificent caves, hunting grounds and historical relics.
As this village was the center of settlement of Esmaili sect after the Mongol invasion, a few tombs belonging to the leaders of this cult have remained from the Safavid Era.
Its monuments include the mausoleum of Shah Qarib and Shah Qalandar, which have doors with beautiful adornments of the holy verses of Qur’an.

Sarouq Village
This village is located 48 km northwest of Arak. It is one of the oldest villages of this province and is 850 years old.
Imamzadeh Haftado-Do Tan, related to 587 AH, is located in the central and old locality of the village.
Sarouq is famous for its handicrafts and carpets. Its old bazaar is also very famous.

Source: Iran Daily


Location: Vafs Village ,Komijan County,Arak City, Markazi province

Walking path length: No need to walking

Days of trip: 1-2 Days from Tehran to Tehran (Without heavy traffic you need 5-7 hr driving from Tehran to Vafs Village )
Attention: In holidays there is heavy traffic in all roads around Tehran.

Best time to visit: No Limit , Spring is the best time.

Daily time visit: No limit

Difficulty level: Easy

Requirements: Guide or GPS track...

Legal permission need: No


Overall risk: -

Animal risk: No

Lost risk: No

Rescue: Yes, you can call 115

GSM Mobile Antenna:in some region Yes


Hotel: in Arak City Yes

Village: Located in Vafs Village

Shop: Yes

Gasoline: in Arak City Yes


How to get there:
1- Go to Baihaghi or wast terminal of buses in Tehran (more info)
2- Take a bus to Arak City. (Distance from Tehran to Arak City is 310 Km)
3- Take a taxi or bus to to Vafs Village .(Distance from Arak City to Vafs Village is 120 Km)

Nearest airport: Arak airport

Nearest train station: No station less than 100 km


Location on map:



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